Made by nature

Stirred Yogurt

Our stirred handmade yogurt  range is made with the whole milk from the cows in Batu Jawa and as always have no additives or preservative.

Available in a choice of 9 flavors, it will be hard to pick which one to have next!

With 5.8% fat this yogurt is unbelievable creamy and melting in your mouth. We do all the jams our self, only sugar and fruits. Half of the sugar in our yogurt coming from the natural milk sugar.

All fruits sourced in Indonesia and most of them in Bali, reduce transport, emission and stress for the fruits.

Newly added our famous yogurt in 100gr recycle glass. We return 2000 rupiah if you return in our shops, this is the Bali-Alm part to save resources and our environment. Cause we love were we live in.

Our yogurts are available in 100gr, 1liter and 5 liter gastro size.


Low Fat Yogurt

Our Low fat yogurt has below 1% fat, still creamy and definitely a choice for the sportive healthy life. Of course contains as well life culture. For more Information Please click here

Yogurt Plain

Yogurt plain was the first type of our success yogurt story, carefully crafted our of best milk, with live culture and people fall in love with what we do. Honest and natural, this is our product. The yogurt is natural thickened without any stabilizer as agar agar, Gelatin or else. And as a nature produce, it behave like this, if it warm it get more fluid.. so best enjoy our yoghurt with 2 to 4 degree.

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Yogurt Mango

Mangos from tropical Bali, sun ripened and with love turned into a delicious jam. This is the perfect pairing for our mango yogurt. We never add aroma into our yogurt so the taste is was it comes from the fruit. Some fruit more mild some more strong in flavor but always best possible.

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Yogurt Banana

Our Banana yogurt  is really a yogurt to go for. sweet banana with a  great taste you can not find in non tropical areas, flavor this yogurt and make it melting in your mouth like ice cream.

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Yogurt Strawberry

Did you know, when you cooking strawberry they turn their natural red color into longer you cook? this is a natural process. If you strawberry yogurt is pink, probably it contain food coloring or beetroot juice.

Our strawberry yogurt is natural colored depend on the strawberry added sometimes more pink sometimes more brown, the taste indeed is always authentic.

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Yogurt Passionfruit

Our latest yogurt invention. Passion fruit or in Bahasa Indonesia "markisa". there are 2 types of passion fruit, we using the orange sour ones. the jam itself is a bit sour and make the whole yoghurt more fresh and refreshing.

A great combination, must try

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Yogurt Blackberry

Bali-Alm Blackberry yogurt is truly amazing. Sweet taste Blackberry from java combines with your amazing creamy mild yogurt...


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Yogurt Baked Apple

In Germany a "Winter yogurt" is our baked apple. Cinnamon and apple in our yogurt gives you a "Christmas market" feeling. started in 2015 this yogurt fast grow into the hearts of our customers, and hopefully as well in yours.

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Yogurt Guava

Pink Guava is the magic in the beautiful highly delicious composition.

Our homemade Guava jam of course has no cores anymore to ensure best  yogurt experience.

Guava in a yogurt is not so common and Bali-Alm is proud to be one of the first use this success. Please try this type and be surprised how well it goes together.

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