Made by nature


Swiss is one of the major countries when it comes to cheese making. Really famous for their hard and semi soft cheeses. For example the Tilister. Swiss emigrants  have developed this cheese. Its said the Westphal family origin from Emmtal invented this cheese and named it after their City Tilsit.

Fresh milk, standardised procedures, consistent checks – these are the ingredients for perfect Tilsiter.

But when it comes to producing Tilsiter, quality is above all a matter of enjoyment and love. For cheesemaking is an art. And love is essential to art just as milk is essential to cheese making.
We believe the swiss family tried to do an Emmental, wich failed, cause the procedure of making Emmental is not easy and their result was the Tilsit:) . Luckily us, so we can enjoy nowadays this nice spicy semisoft cheese with little holes.

Our Tilister has 55% fat in dry matter.