Made by nature

St. Jeammies Vacherin

The origins of Mont d’ Or is hard to trace.  But as early as the 13th century are records that cheeses were being made in this Haut Doubs and Vaud regions that were encircled in wood.  At this time Monks were responsible for developing cheesemaking in many areas, and although there is no doubt that cheese was being made in The Alps before then – the monks were at the forefront of pioneering dairy farming and cheesemaking as we know it today.  Clearing high pastures in the Alps, the monks created great swathes of land for high grazing in the Summer to produce rich milk.

We from Bali-Alm as hard as we try can not come close to such a cheese, but we develop a Vacherin style, made in same way and named the cheese St. Jeammies. The name comes from the daughter of the owner, who dedicated this cheese to her.

Our St. Jeammies is aged in coconut leaf and comes in a nice bamboo box.