Made by nature


The dish featuring Raclette cheese dates back more than 700 years, when it was called Bratchäs, Swiss-German for "roasted cheese." Raclette was mentioned in writings as early as 1291. The semi-hard cheese was easy to transport, and it was eaten by shepherds and farmers, who would place a block of cheese by a hearth or a campfire. There, it would become soft, and the melted cheese would be served with potatoes, onions and pickles.

Raclette can be eaten baked warm or normal sliced.

The cheese is aging 4 to 6 month, washed with saltwater and cheese culture, Our wheels have a size of 37cm and a weight of around 6 kg.

Our Raclette has 40% fat in dry matter.

We produce several variants of this cheese like our Bali Spice and smoked Raclette.