Made by nature


Our Milk

Most important and critical factor for the success of our products is our milk. Our milk is coming from the farms around Batu, east java. KUD Batu is famous for their milk quality and in our opinion the best we can get at the moment.

The milk is carefully pasteurized with 72 degree not to destroy the good inside the milk. But hot enough to reduce most bad bacteria. We pasteurize the milk already in Batu witch is much better for the milk quality than bring it unpasteurized to Bali and pasteurize in Bali.  The trip takes 24 hours and in this time in unpasteurized milk the bad bacteria will grow enormously even in chilled condition.

This we prevent. So our milk arrive save with 2 degree in our small company and immediately turned into our delicious products.


Other ingredients

We try to do most of the ingredients our selves, so that we produce our own jam for the yoghurt. This ensure that we exactly know what is inside our yogurt and this you taste with every spoon.

Some of the Ingredients we can not do here, like rennet or cheese bacteria. Here we use well know companies, like Hundsbichler, who does probably the best rennet, either microbiological or traditional.

Here in our company we use at the moment only vegetarian rennet.