Made by nature

Other dairy products

Beside yogurt and cheese Bali-Alm produce a variety of other milk products witch in this kind is hard to find. Please come and try.


We sell milk in 5l HDPE canister for private and Business use and in 1 l milk can, to protect our beautiful Bali envivroment. Our product has the best price in Bali. unbeaten in taste , quality and price since 2012.

Probiotic Iso Drink

We use best ingredients for our zero fat, high protein and vitamin drink. Made out of mil, fermented, and really healthy for intestine and your whole body. Our Probiotic drink is a real "fit maker" If you life or wanna life on the healthy side of life, this drink gives your body nearly everything it need. After hours in Gym or marathon or football, this drink brings back your energy, without chemicals, 100% natural....move to the healthy side of live.

Available in Mango and Guava

Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt


Our sour cream is truly amazing and we are proud to be able to serve such an high quality product. Unlike all other our sour crème contain around 17% fat (all other 10%). This we do cause the taste is better, the cream more sticky and..ah just try urself you will understand the difference.. . We offer sour crème in 1l reusable plastic pot and 200gr recyclable glass.


Skyr is an yogurt from Iceland. It is famous cause of low fat, sticky and texture a bit like cream cheese and high protein of up to 11%.

We offer Skyr plain or in different flavors, please ask us.

Low fat milk

We offer low fat milk with less then 15 fat