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We are proud to produce a wide variety of European style cheese in Bali.

We can offer, soft, semi-soft and hard cheeses.

Bali Spice

Bali Spice is our most spicy cheese. Basis is a Raclette which we wash 2 month with olive oil and chili flakes.

The Chili flavor is not to strong to overlay the cheese but give it a nice fine slight chili note

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Spanish style hard cheese made out of goat milk. Washed with olive oil and smoked paprika powder. Make you feel the Spanish fire and culture of this beautiful European country.

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A 2 to 6 month aged cow milk cheese, washed with olive oil and rosemary. original from Spain this cheese finds its followers as well in Indonesia.

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Caraway Raclette

Raclette probably is one of the finest Swiss cheeses, wein Bali-Alm, try to come as close as possible to the original. Our variant with Caraway is a nice combination. As this is a seasonal cheese we not always have in stock.

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Smoked Raclette

Our smoked Raclette, has a size of 2,5 kg. The smoke give the cheese a rustically flavor and make it first choice using on a barbecue evening with your friends and family.

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Butter Cheese

Buttercheese is the German answer to the Dutch gouda or edam. Semisoft sliceable cheese with small holes. Mild and creamy. A good choice for breakfast, toast or just for snack.

The Buttercheese from Bali-Alm comes in 2,5kg block vacuum. Can be sliced into pieces on request.

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We are proud that Bali-Alm is able to produce a blue cheese out of penicilium rogfourti. with a nice blue coloring and a spicy typical rogfourt taste. Nevertheless our cheese is slidly more firm, not so soft creamy. This is a cow milk cheese with 4 month and longer aged.

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St Jeammies

Truly a beauty inside and outside, a Vacherin style cheese, 4 weeks ages soft cheese. We roll the cheese for aging in coconut leaves, this increase the flavor. Packed is the cheese in a bamboo tray and can be put into the oven for 10 minutes to make the cheese melting.

Classically the top is cut of and you and your family enjoy this beautiful cheese with a nice baguette and some red wine.

The name by the way is given from Miss Lea Jammi, the Daughter of the cheesemaker Family.

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Swiss Mountain cheese

6 month to 1 year aging time hard cheese made in best Swiss tradition. Strong spicy flavor. 15kg wheel eatable rind washed with salt water and red fungus. The best cheese for cheese lovers.

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AlpFlower Cheese

Another variant of our Raclette, with real dried Alpen flower aged for 3 and more month. As this is a seasonal cheese availability may change.

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Brie is one our favorites soft cheeses. One of the worlds most known cheeses made in the beautiful tropical surroundings of Bali. We are proud that you slow ripened cheese is hard to distinguish from the French original. Try for your self.

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Bali-Alm Camembert, is made in the tradition of the original Normandy Camembert. Our cheese need time to age, as a young cheese has a firm body which has a sour aroma like fresh cheese. Over time the cheese become creamy and soft from outside to inside. With this the cheese develop an ammoniac flavor which the French people love. Its your choice if you enjoy our cheese young or more old. You will always be satisfied.

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Halloumi is original from Cyprus, similar to and Mozzarella but not melting. As in the original version the cheese is folded and put in mint in the middle, we not use mint and not fold. Our cheese is flavored with herb de Provence and in block. The reason for this is that its easier to cut and second the herb de provence give a more mediterean flavor. Best you find our yourself

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Greece is not only a beautiful place, as well the cheese they have is amazing. We in Bali-Alm doing the most famous Greek cheese, the Feta. Our Cow Milk Feta is creamy and not dry and crumble like other, not to salty and perfect for a nice Greek salad or else.

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Semisoft German Cheese original from former Tilsit east Prussia. Developed by Swiss immigrants. The cheese is semi soft sliceable 2 or more month aged and washed with red fungus and salt water. The cheese has small holes similar to the Buttercheese but more aroma, not so mild.

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Red Wine Cheese

made on request flavored with Bali made red wine.

Bali Blue

150gr pieces same like the Camembert, young blue cheese, mild in flavor. Unlike the bigger brother our Balzola this one is more mild, soft  and slightly blue.

For blue cheese beginner a nice start.

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Goat Cheese Camembert

Camembert from Goat milk, a nice alternative to the traditional cow milk Camembert. Give it a try

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Shankleesh Dreamcheese

Made out of yoghurt this Dream cheese with Herbs is truly amazing, creamy soft melting with a mediterean flavor. Perfect on a bread or side dish as a dip.

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CreamCheese Quark

In Germany known as Frischkaese, in English called cream cheese. Our creamcheese is absolute creamy and suitable for cheese cake, Topfenstrudel, Topfenpalatschinken, as a dip or on a bread. Salty or sweet always tasty. Quark we do as well which contain more whey and for that reason bit more soft.

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Our Spreadcheese is made out of a selection of our finest cheeses, carefully cooked and finished with different flavors.

We can offer

  • Plain
  • Garden Herbs
  • Wasabi
  • Barbecue

The choice is yours, they all delicious

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Bavarian cheese spread, made out of Brie, sour crème, caraway, sweet paprika powder and parsley. Tasty delicious spread going well together with brezel and Weissbier.

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Frankfurt Kochkaese

Kochkaese or translated cooking cheese is a really German specialty. Mostly found in region Darmstadt south Hessen.

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Another special cheese out of low fat sour milk is our Harzer cheese,

Around 80gr per piece, high protein and no fat is really a "fit" and healthy cheese.

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